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Photo Credit: Dove Shore 

NEW YORK, NY (July 31, 2020) – Acclaimed singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow released a reimagined take on her 2012 b-side, “Woman In The White House.” Raging guitars and powerful drums give the song an urgency and new relevancy ahead of the 2020 election. With Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden committing to a woman running mate, the song takes on added meaning as people await the announcement of his vice presidential pick.

The outspoken Grammy Award winning artist supports the commitment in her straightforward lyrics:

It’s time to clean up Capitol Hill
With a shovel and a pair of high heels
We’ve seen what the good ol’ boys can do
Now it’s our turn to take a shot

Don’t you think it’s time we put a woman in the White House
With a whole new attitude
We could use a little female common sense
Down on Pennsylvania Avenue

After 230-something years of waiting
It’s way past overdue

Of the song, Crow says, “When I first recorded this song 8 years ago, I was hopeful that we, as a nation, would seize the moment and put a Woman in the White House. That did not happen – but our movement of strength grows as we take to the streets and make our voices heard. We must not stop there. It is time for us to show up to the polls, be seen and heard as the great leaders we are.”

The song, produced by Steve Jordan, is available everywhere now. Listen to the artist’s latest declaration HERE. Watch the accompanying lyric video HERE.

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ABOUT SHERYL CROWSongwriter. Activist. Rock star. Woman. Champion. Mother. Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow is many things, but at the core, she remains a creative spirit channeling her talents into music that lifts people up, brings them together, and speaks to the truths on the horizon. Twenty-five years after winning her first Grammy, as well as Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “All I Wanna Do,” the Kennett, Missouri-born guitarist/vocalist/creative thought about all she’d done, the places she’d been, the lives that’d touched hers – and saw the rich tapestry her journey had become. Crow’s is a career beyond dreams, with songs that defined the third wave of feminism, a rockist’s ability to sweep the pop charts without losing any edge and enough wide-open Midwestern joy to captivate the world. In 2019, Crow released her critically acclaimed album THREADSvia The Valory Music Co., a collection of collaborations made with and in tribute to artists with whom Crow has musical connections. And in turn, she seeks to inspire people through her music and songs, especially the younger generation. “The passion and ability of our young people to dig deep and express themselves energizes and encourages me endlessly,” Crow says. “It thrills me to see their passion and will to change the world.” With new relevancy ahead of the 2020 election, Crow offers a rousing, reimagined take on her 2012 b-side, “Woman In The White House” as people await the announcement of Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden’s female running mate.